About Us

Mai Mechanical has been a Colorado based corporation since 1978 and has grown into the premier multi-family plumbing and mechanical subcontractor in the state.

Mai Mechanical Corp has handled the plumbing and mechanical installation for tens of thousands of multi-family units, numerous hotels, schools, industrial complexes, senior living communities and other commercial and industrial projects. We are licensed to perform work in Colorado and California and have a successful in-house department. 

At Mai Mechanical Corp, we pride ourselves on building solid, long term business relationships with our developers, vendors and general contractors.

In addition, our management team provides a solid, stable and knowledgeable foundation.

As a long term plumbing and mechanical company, one of our strengths is our ability to recruit some of the best talent in the industry, including engineers, project managers and master plumbers which serve to strengthen our professional capabilities.

Why work with Mai Mechanical Corp?

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Diverse Portfolio (Multi-Family, Hotels, Schools and Industrial Complexes)
  • Licensed in CO, CA, SD and AZ
  • Fosters Strong Relationships with our Developers & Contractors
  • Highly Skilled Workers